Love ~ Is this my Soul Mate???

One of the most FAQ’s that I get when doing a reading is, “Am I with my Soul Mate?”

Think about this ~ First… really… I only get to have one? “Soul Mate” is perhaps an inaccurate term as you will most likely learn and grow with many mates throughout your lifetime.

A better question might be, “What does this person do for my souls’ purpose at this time?” Keep in mind that every mate or partner will generate various teachings or lessons for your “soul”. So being with one in particular and assuming that they are the one and only or perfect mate (as many suppose a soul mate to be) is self defeating. Believing that you’ve found your “soul mate” can leave you lost if you suddenly find yourself without them. In reality you may be meant to move on from one “mate” to another. Each one may serve an important purpose and be your souls’ perfect mate at that particular time. Trust your journey and allow your current partner to assist you in whatever way your soul requires and hopefully you can feel great joy and peace in the process. And if you do find yourself with just one Soul Mate over the course of your lifetime, try to keep in mind that you never stop learning and growing…Allow fresh new insights to enter your world and expand your horizons whenever you can!

“Food Intuition”

At this point in time many of us are buying organic foods and cage free eggs and I’m sure you’ve noticed that they really do taste better. Have you ever noticed how these foods “feel”? It’s amazing when you take a moment and let yourself sense the “energy” of the food you eat. There are so many ways to use your intuition… Reading food is one we rarely think of, but this can be a great way to get in touch with what your body wants and needs on so many levels. So next time you go to the market ~ try getting a better sense of what you may truly need!


Today is the perfect time to look over your goals. If they don’t suit your present situation ~ revamp & revise!!!!!! Remember that you areĀ  powerful and can manifest in unlimited ways. Be bold and step into your best possible life situation!