Navigating the Energy today

Things have changed. The energy were experiencing right now is intense. Even if you’re not a sensitive you’ve probably noticed the difference in your daily experience. Things seems to shift from moving at light speed to slowing down to a snail’s pace…it’s erratic and very difficult to deal with at times. It can throw you completely off balance.

The best thing you can do is to ride it like a wave. Find joy whenever you can and allow yourself the luxury of being a bit scattered when you’re feeling so. Try to experience and stay in the NOW. And know that you’re not alone. The Star children seem to be getting hit the hardest as we’re the most sensitive.

Doing a quick grounding and Meditation is very helpful. As Is clearing your energy with sage or incense daily. Get plenty of sleep and shift your diet to more clean eating. Raising your own vibrations is a great way to make your life flow smoother in these intense times.




2017 What a Strange Trip it’s Been

It’s been a while since I’ve posted! 2017 has been such a Strange year. Lots of good, but also lots of crazy! It’s really important to connect with nature right now. Gardening, a walk in the woods, a day at the lake…just get off your devices and out there! Take a breath, ignore politics and chill!

Readers/Psychics with no boundaries

What do you do when you encounter a psychic that doesn’t have the proper protocols or boundaries in place? You state to them and the universe that they do not have permission to tune into you. Keeping your own boundaries strong is very important when seeking the advice of any practitioner. Many times readers that are operating from ego will step past professional lines, so use your own intuition and make sure you trust the person you choose to see.

New Year ~ New Partner ~ New Opportunities


This year I decided to begin doing readings with a partner, Dr. Clarence Trausch. It’s an amazing opportunity to work with someone of his caliber. He’s a wonderful psychologist and has a background in police work. Our sessions create a “double whammy” of insight. We do phone sessions for businesses and people from all over. A Very exciting way to begin 2015! Check out my site for lots more info!

Welcome to a Beautiful New Year!

2013 is just beginning and already I feel better about life and business! The energy is fresh and somehow encouraging… and for the first time in months everyone I talk with seems positive! Yeah! It’s about time.

From an intuitive standpoint it really does feel like anything is possible this year. It’s a great time to focus in and create a short list of goals and possibilities. I say short because right now “focus” is a very key factor in manifesting what you desire. So Dream Big and Create the reality you want! And remember 2013 is the year without limits!

“Food Intuition”

At this point in time many of us are buying organic foods and cage free eggs and I’m sure you’ve noticed that they really do taste better. Have you ever noticed how these foods “feel”? It’s amazing when you take a moment and let yourself sense the “energy” of the food you eat. There are so many ways to use your intuition… Reading food is one we rarely think of, but this can be a great way to get in touch with what your body wants and needs on so many levels. So next time you go to the market ~ try getting a better sense of what you may truly need!

Counsel to the King ~ From Ancient times to the Modern World

There are many written accounts of ancient Kings & Queens and not so ancient world leaders having an Intuitive (Seer ~ Psychic ~ Witch ~ Priestess) by their side to provide counsel. These individuals were able to tap into information that “regular” people couldn’t or didn’t know how to. Leaders depended on them to a great degree to keep things running smoothly and even to predict upcoming events. And sometimes they could keep the King informed of what his enemies were up to!

When you think about these “Seers”  from a more scientific standpoint, they were simply individuals that had fine tuned the natural abilities that we all possess to varying degrees.  Most of these people trained for years with mentors who taught them how to use their abilities or they grew up in temples where psychic skills were practiced every day.

Today people like me (Professional Intuitive) are modern versions of these mysterious counselors! With years of training and constant use of our skills we’ve simply become experts in our field. And like any other professional, we can provide a much needed service in today’s competitive and sometimes confusing world.

Success ~ key points

The best way to begin on the path to success is to establish a clear focus. So many of us want to move forward in life or business, but our minds are moving in too many directions. When we do this the energy of our intentions gets scattered. So it’s not possible for our higher self or our “spiritual guidance team” to support us in a big way. It’s fine to have several goals or wishes, but try to focus clearly on just one at a time for a period of time, even if this is just a day or two! Let the universe know your clear intention and go back to it (revising when necessary) repeatedly to keep the focal point(s) clear!

Trust your Inner Voice

I’ve been a professional Intuitive for over 20 years. One of the things I notice during every single session I’ve had with clients is that they usually “know” the answers to the questions they ask me. Many times our sessions are simply about confirmation. Much of my input is about assisting the client to expand upon his own inner knowledge. The confirmation I provide seems to allow the person with questions to move forward and on to the next stage at an accelerated rate! The is Bottom line: It’s fine to ask for input but always Trust yourself!