2015 Already???

Bohemian Goddess

Wow – looking back over my blog I realized it’s been way too long since I was here! This year started out with a bang as our Wolf dog pair had puppies. What a blessing. 🙂 I feel 2015 will continue to open up many new possibilities. It’s a year for new beginnings and prosperity!

Moving Into Prosperity

Have you noticed lately how the way we manifest is changing? All those “Secrets” we learned a few years ago aren’t working anymore.

There is the economy to consider, but in actuality more than that is in the process of shifting. We’re moving into new territory energetically and it’s time to realign ourselves if we want to emerge with continued success in our lives. It can be difficult not to move into fear around our choices. Now is the time to reassess our goals and see if they really do serve us.

What feels like chaos is all part of this heightened energy dynamic, this new Age of Intuition. If we can remain calm and utilize our individual intuition around the problems that pop up for us we’ll eventually reach a much deeper level of success and prosperity. The key lies in settling into self and “feeling” through the very essence of our being what is the truest and most healing path to prosperity.

This is a subtle but effective change from what we’ve been taught in regards to prosperity thinking. The way we set goals must also move into a deeper energetic. We must pay attention to our inner voice and to the divine guidance that each one of us has access to.

Abundance and monetary gain will flow when we can move through life knowing that our goals serve us on every level of our being. It seems that in the past we could side step this important part of the life experience and still manage to manifest just fine, but times they are a changing! If you’ve noticed a shift in your prosperity, try to utilize your intuition and move into even greater success & abundance.


Today is the perfect time to look over your goals. If they don’t suit your present situation ~ revamp & revise!!!!!! Remember that you are  powerful and can manifest in unlimited ways. Be bold and step into your best possible life situation!

Lessons in Prosperity ~ #1

Clarity is very important when it comes to creating prosperity in our lives. Let’s get some clarity on how we manifest in our daily lives.

Ask yourself this; Am I doing something I love or something that gives me positive challenges to make a living?

If the answer is Yes – list what you are currently doing then list three things you could do right now within this job or outside of it to increase your income.

If your answer is No and you aren’t doing something you enjoy – list three possibilities for your “Dream job”. Next make a smal list of things you’d need to do to get things going in this new direction.