About Stacey

Stacey Shawntee Arcangel is a Professional Psychic & Investigative Medium.  She offers the use of her psychic skills through her company Intuitive Edge Consulting.
Stacey was part of a paranormal research group for over 20 years on Maui. The group studied ESP, remote viewing, psychic reading, and UFO phenomena. During this time Stacey was able to fully develop her own skills and became a Professional Psychic (Intuitive). She has worked with police on Maui. Most recently Stacey has studied Psychic Criminal Investigation with Discovery Channel’s “Sensing Murder” star Pam Coronado. Stacey hopes to refine her psychic skills in this area and be of greater assistance to law enforcement.Please see her Bio for more info.
In addition, to satisfy her creative side, Stacey has been designing and creating a unique line of art and jewelry for over 20 years.
Stacey continues to create very unique mixed media paintings and an exclusive line of sculpted clay collage. Her jewelry line is called Goddesses Unlimited. Each piece is meant to inspire the wearer with hope, joy & prosperity. We are in the process of creating a new website for Goddesses Unlimited! Stacey has always loved fashion and before moving to Maui she took several courses at UCLA in both graphic & fashion design. She also took several painting courses at Shasta College. All this training was very useful when Stacey began her artwork & jewelry business.

And… A few years ago she studied screenwriting with two very talented teachers, Debbie Smith Daughetee (Touched by an Angel) and Amy Lumet (daughter of Sydney Lumet). Stacey has written three feature length screenplays and helped develop a reality show about psychic detective work. All projects are available. Please contact her for more information.

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