Counsel to the King ~ From Ancient times to the Modern World

There are many written accounts of ancient Kings & Queens and not so ancient world leaders having an Intuitive (Seer ~ Psychic ~ Witch ~ Priestess) by their side to provide counsel. These individuals were able to tap into information that “regular” people couldn’t or didn’t know how to. Leaders depended on them to a great degree to keep things running smoothly and even to predict upcoming events. And sometimes they could keep the King informed of what his enemies were up to!

When you think about these “Seers”  from a more scientific standpoint, they were simply individuals that had fine tuned the natural abilities that we all possess to varying degrees.  Most of these people trained for years with mentors who taught them how to use their abilities or they grew up in temples where psychic skills were practiced every day.

Today people like me (Professional Intuitive) are modern versions of these mysterious counselors! With years of training and constant use of our skills we’ve simply become experts in our field. And like any other professional, we can provide a much needed service in today’s competitive and sometimes confusing world.

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